Thursday, 13 December 2012

Let's Bab, Chadstone

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My wife and I love this place. We visited the place again last week. It is normally very crowded with people. Why? It has good food and yet cheap price! If I am back in my uni days, I would be a frequent flyer to this joint. My favourite is the bibimbap (mix of assorted vegetables, beef and egg - comes with fried egg in normal bowl or raw egg in hot stone bowl which will get cooked once you mix everything together in the stone bowl). Caution - the stone bowl is very hot! So far all the different set meals we've tried are really good. The Korean meals here are very authentic. Like most cheap joints, you'll be expected to pay at the cashier and get your own utensils and free water/tea. There are other cold beverages for purchase if one prefers.

Bibimbap set (in normal bowl)

Chicken with sesame set

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