Saturday, 12 July 2014

Tommyfield Fish & Chip, Mornington

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A few weeks ago we went down to Mornington to show a friend from overseas the Mornington peninsula coastal region. For our lunch, we went to this fish & chip shop in Mornington.

My wife and I enjoyed the fish and chip here that we actually came back a couple of weeks later. It is after all one of the best fish and chip we never have so far.

The flathead and barramandi are highly recommended. The chips portion is very large, so order a smaller portion if you are watching your weight. The only downside is there is limited salad selection - which is a common problem with most fish & chip shops.

The staff is very friendly; the fish is very fresh and food is cooked to order. It is worth a visit if you are down this way and wants a fresh casual meal.

Flake/flathead, calamari, scallops & chips with garden salad

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