Saturday, 20 October 2012

Conned by Café Lagom

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A supposedly pleasant night out with my wife turned out to be a waste of time, money and effort. She has bought the 3 course voucher from Groupon for Cafe Lagom and booked it 1 month ago (before the expiry). When she was making the booking, the person over the phone said it is fine to book us in with our voucher on the friday (1 week past the expiry date) since the cafe did not have the time slots available that we wanted prior to the expiry and that we have to drive down from Shepparton.

A very different story when we arrived today. The staff today stated there was no notes made in their booking regarding our arrangement. Phone call was made by the staff today to the owner who insisted we could not use our voucher even though it was the cafe staff who stated it was okay over the phone during the booking a month ago.

First we were blamed for letting the staff make the booking date past the expiry date. After we explained that it was the staff over the phone who stated it was fine, all we got was an apology from the manager that it was the staff's fault for stating it was okay but they will not serve 'free' dinner to us since our voucher has expired. We left after much frustration. I will never come back again and will be seeking a full refund from Groupon for this absurdness.

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