Saturday, 20 October 2012

Lunch time at Maguro

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Today I have the day off so we decided to head back to Melbourne for the weekend. This is the 2nd time we've dined in at Maguro Japanese restaurant and just like the 1st time we're very pleased with the dishes served. Tea leaves are used for our pot of green tea. We ordered takoyaki (octopus balls), salmon sushi, deep fried prawn katsu don (fried crumbed prawn with rice) and pork katsu ramen .

Takoyaki is definitely better than the ones we had on the streets in Japan! There's more octopus in them and very soft and creamy texture on the inside is just the best. The main meals are just as impressive. The salmon sushi is pretty good too though the best is still at Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo that we had 2 years ago. The lunch specials are $9.50 each at the time of writing. For the price and quality of food here, I'll recommend this restaurant anytime!

Interior - wall decoration

Interior - counter area


Salmon sushi

Pork katsu ramen

Deep fried prawn katsu don

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