Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ping's Dumpling Kitchen

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Prior to leaving Melbourne last weekend, we visited one of our favourite dumpling restaurant in Clayton. The dumplings' standard as always been consistent but we missed the best dumpling ever (so far) that we had recently in Shenyang, China. We are still searching for the best dumpling in Melbourne but so far Ping's dumpling has been on the top of the list.

For a dumpling to be good to me, the wrapping has to extra thin, juicy on the inside and the wrapping not to be broken or sticking together on serving. Though Ping's dumplings still lack the extra thinness in the wrapping, they are still well boiled, pan fried and the fillings are consistently juicy with each visit. The cleanliness though may need improvement as one of the cup served to us still has lipstick stain on it - unfortunately for that I can't give it a 'Like' rating.

We had our usual to share with my brother and sister - boiled dumpling, pan fried dumpling and Shanghai fried noodles.

Shanghai fried noodles

Pan fried dumplings

Traditional boiled dumplings

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